Monday, April 6, 2015

Animal tracks in the snow

This was one of three entrances.  Coyote den?
The past couple of weeks I've been revising a ChemMatters article that was supposed to get published in October 2012.  I like the new direction this article is taking.  It's fascinating stuff.

This was one of two entrances.  Fox den?
I will be volunteering at the New England SCBWI conference on Friday, April 24th and attending on Saturday.  I also hope to attend some of the National Association of Science Writer's conference in Boston in October.

Tracks crisscrossing through the snow.
Several weeks ago, I was snowshoeing and noticed a whole bunch of tracks crisscrossing through an open field.  This was off the trail, in an area where there were no human tracks.  The variety of tracks made it an interesting place to explore.  Adding to the excitement, one man that we talked with said he'd spotted a bobcat at this location.  

Glove is 5.5" across and 8" long at widest points
I found two animal homes.  The larger one had three entrances and looked like it might have been a snow-buried fallen log.  A smaller burrow in the dirt had two entrances.  I wish I had a flashlight to snoop in those holes.  We've had rain recently, so I want to go back this week and see if I can find clearer prints in the fresh mud.


A hopping animal?

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