Monday, May 28, 2007



Writing POWER!
This is an English language arts program that is sprinkled with science
 When I put my hand up, I want you to... 
This engaging program will show your students how to improve their writing, revision, and research skills.  Science stories, PowerPoint slides and student participation enhance a presentation that empowers students.
40-50 minutes long   
* This program conforms to common core standards
What the 8th graders are saying

Science programs:

* Hands-on inquiry based program on climate science

* All programs conform to the Next Generation Science Standards
ESS2.D Weather and Climate
ESS3.D Global Climate Change

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Linda Zajac is an award-winning science writer who writes about the environment, technology and climate change.  She is a 2012 Woods Hole Fellow and a recipient of the 2010 PEN New England Susan Bloom Discovery Award.  Her work appears in national magazines for children.