Sunday, January 2, 2011


When I first started writing, my native language was COBOL.  ~LRZ 7/1/14
I don't let Hope play in traffic because she'll get hurt.  Instead, I keep her close to my heart. ~ LRZ 7/20/13

Picking a story is like finding a gem at a quarry and knowing just how to turn it so the sun makes it sparkle. ~LRZ   10/26/12

There's nothing quite like meandering through the Midnight Garden, picking words and making new arrangements. ~ Linda Zajac 7/26/12

My writing friends are Hope and Patience.  Hope is on a pogo stick, springing eternal.  Patience is a silent friend.  I want to make her talk. ~ Linda Zajac 4/7/12

Some times pulling the words out of me is like yanking a knotted skein of yarn. ~Linda Zajac 9/2/11 post

Transitions are the stepping stones in a river of story. When they're too close, they sink in a bog, too far, and they're lost at sea. ~ Linda Zajac 1/23/11 Facebook post

Shredders are the hungry pets at publishing houses. Lined up against the wall, there's Teddy, Eddy, Betty, and Freddie Shreddy, all waiting to get fed. ~ Linda Zajac 2/2/11 Facebook post

Writing is like building a snowman. You break your back rolling and rolling trying to make nothing into something, but you've no idea where this snowman will end up nor the journey you will take to get there. Over time, with a little luck, the snowball will start ripping up the grass.~ Linda Zajac 2/24/09 post (3/6/09 dream)

I don't want my success to come from playing someone else's music (after listening to a tribute band). ~ Linda Zajac 8/7/09 post

Ideas need freedom to roam and flourish, but "standards" are the leash that restrains them. ~ Linda Zajac 11/1/09 post

If we accept the facts as facts, we lose the ability to uncover inaccuracies. ~ Linda Zajac 11/13/09 Facebook post

I'd rather take a longer time and write it well than take a shorter time and write it often. ~ Linda Zajac 1/1/10 post

Rejection is a blessing in disguise. The disguise is so clever it hides the blessing. ~ Linda Zajac 6/8/10 post

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