Monday, January 7, 2008


1. 97.1% of ALL climate research papers that take a position on the cause of climate change point to anthropogenic causes.  Only a wee fraction of those that take a position on the cause of climate change believe it is NOT anthropogenic.  As expected many climate papers discuss the results of some study and don't say one way or the other because that is not the subject of the paper.   Only 32.6% of all the research papers reviewed take a position.   Graph of climate and Earth scientist's opinions   NASA consensus 

2.  The counter climate movement was started by the same folks that had us believing that tobacco was not bad for our health
PBS Frontline
"Tactics developed and tested in the tobacco industry first, are now being applied to climate change."

 "Many of the anti-science operatives who defended cigarettes are currently deploying their tobacco-inspired playbook internationally to evade accountability for the fossil fuel industry's role in driving climate disruption."
Climate skeptic organizations - learn more

3. Avoid getting your information from any of the sources listed in this database.  Many are NOT climate experts. 

  4. We CAN reduce CO2 emissions!  

Join the growing stop global warming movementTop 50 things you can do to prevent climate change.

Calculate your carbon footprint (how much CO2 your vehicle uses/year)

Climate change youtube video - spectacular photography. 1.5 hours long

Blackle - Energy saving google search

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