Monday, May 28, 2007


* Reaching Like Roaches, nonfiction, March 2017, MUSE

*  Lobster's on the Edge, nonfiction, February 2017, MUSE

*  At a Snail's Pace, nonfiction, Schoolwide (online), August 2016

* These Toxic Tiger Moths Warn Bats With Sonar Clicks, AAAS Science online, May 6, 2016

* Monkey Talk, nonfiction, May 2016, Highlights for Children

* A Lick Does the Trick, nonfiction, April 2016, MUSE

* Breathtaking Crystals, nonfiction, January 2016, MUSE

* Ice Climbing, nonfiction and photographs, June/July 2015, Hopscotch

* The Dolphins From Down Under, nonfiction and photographs, June/July 2015, Boys' Quest

* Making Mako Skin, nonfiction, Odyssey (online only), February 2015

* Veterinary Pain Killer Threatens Europe's Vultures, nonfiction, Chemistry World, January 14, 2015

* Searching for Monkeys, nonfiction, Highlights, December 2014.

* Essay in Wind Energy: a Reference Handbook, David E. Newton, ABC-CLIO, Dec 2014.

* Guardians of the Forest, nonfiction, Odyssey, September 2014

* Flippin' Out Over School, nonfiction, Fun for Kidz, September 2014

* Diagnosing Climate Insanity, The Hartford Courant, May 27, 2014, in print

* Climate Insanity Characterized by Denial, editorial, The Hartford Courant, May 23, 2014, online

* Public View of Global Warming at Odds with Scientists', editorial, The Hartford Courant, July 23, 2013, online

* Climate Change in a Nutshell, editorial, The Hartford Courant Nov 11, 2012.  The Journal Inquirer, Dec 1-2, 2012
* Kilimanjaro: Peering Through Disappearing Ice, nonfiction, ChemMatters, February 2011

* From Copper Town to Ghost Town, nonfiction, Viatouch, February 2011

* A Honeybee's Secret, nonfiction, Viatouch, April 2010, ProQuest Database 2011
* Hiking a Massive Sheet of Ice, nonfiction and photographs, January 2010, Fun For Kidz
* What an Ice Surprise!, nonfiction, January 2010, January/February 2017, Fun For Kidz

* The Vinland Map: The Vikings' Best Kept Secret, nonfiction, December 2009, ChemMatters

* Glowing Proteins with Promising Biological and Medical Applications, nonfiction, December 2008, ChemMatters

* What Good is the Big Bad Wolf? nonfiction, July 2008, Highlights
* The Beavers that Struck it Rich, nonfiction, December 2007, Spider
* Scrambled Legs, game, December 2007, Highlights

*The Dolphins Down Under, nonfiction and photographs, August 2007, Hopscotch

* Tiger Cubs on the Move, nonfiction, September 2007, Highlights

* Flippin' Out Over School, nonfiction and photographs, August 2007, Boys' Quest

* How Do You Count Grizzly Bears? nonfiction, December 2006, Highlights

* The Mountain Goats Gruff, nonfiction, April 2006, Hopscotch

* Building Art, nonfiction, December/January 2006, Boys' Quest

* The Battle of the Big Bighorns, nonfiction and activity, January 2006, Story Friends

* Tuhu, nonfiction and illustration, Fall 2004, Confetti

* Little Houses on the Prairie, nonfiction and photographs, October 2004, Boys' Quest

* Turtle Trouble, nonfiction and illustration, Summer 2004, Confetti

* The Battle of the Big Bighorns, nonfiction, March/April 2004, Three Leaping Frogs

* Finders Keepers Treasure Seekers, nonfiction, Spring 2004, Confetti

* Rainbow Roni's, craft and photograph, Fall 2003, Confetti

* Bus Buddies, craft, August 2002, Instructor Arts and Crafts supplement
Miscellaneous Writing

* Wrote passages incorporating common core standards for a higher education test.  Many were climate change related - Fall 2012
 * Wrote line items for a research study. on composing the most challenging types of line items (those that make the reader think) - February 2013 

Professional Affiliations

* Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators
* National Association of Science Writers
* Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection Climate Change Education Committee
* Appalachian Mountain Club

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