Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Today I received copies of Spider magazine (Dec07). Inside was an amazing but true story I wrote about some beavers in Louisiana. Also, in the December issue of Highlights there is a game I came up with. Cards can be used instead of the insect dice. This game can be adapted to teach a number of things:

1. Tracking
- Instead of populating the board with insects, use rows of animal tracks. Change the insect dice to the names of the animals. For example: Call out "left hand raccoon."

2. Math
- Instead of insects, use rows of numbers 0-5. Use the other side of the sheet for number 6-10. Make cards with simple math equations with answers from 0-5 or from 6-10. For example: Call out "left hand 9 minus 4" or "right leg 24 divided by 8."


Tuesday, November 13, 2007

If your school, town or state is looking to cut programs for gifted/high-achieving kids, FIGHT BACK! Read the November 2007 issue of U.S. News and World Report. The article is called "Room to Improve" (pp 45-50) and is about No Child Left Behind. "Schools have little incentive to teach gifted students to meet their potential." Keep our standards high!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

I received a letter today that a school testing company is interested in one of my articles. It would be very exciting if it was selected for a CT test.

I found a photograph of me standing next to my five foot DNA. Let's put it this way, the DNA looks fantastic. Unfortunately, I excel at making faces. Confirming my worst fears, a friend said "that is the worst picture of you that I have ever seen."

Monday, November 5, 2007

Last week, I received some paperwork from Manchester Community College. Looks like BH101: Bear Hair Basics will be offered on Saturday Feb 23, 2008. It's a 3 hour hands-on class for K-2 kids. We will actually recreate the scent lure that scientists in the field use to attract grizzlies. Last year, Kyle, a high school-aged kid. was really helpful getting cattle blood for me at the local meat market. I told him I needed it for a class for kids. His grin made me wonder whether he believed my story or he thought I was some kind of vampire.