Sunday, March 20, 2016


The first day of spring is a fitting time to post some butterfly photographs taken at Magic Wings Butterfly Conservatory in South Deerfield, Massachusetts.

owl butterfly

I do Google image searches when I'm hunting for the name of a plant or animal. I type in everything I can think of to describe it, then leaf through the photographs that the search engine finds. If I still can't find a photograph of the plant or animal I'm hunting for, I approach the problem in a different way.
White tree nymph butterfly after emerging from a chrysalis.

Today, I read about butterfly identification, then I ran an image search on "white and sulphur butterflies." That's how I found the name of the elusive white tree nymph butterfly (above and below).
white tree nymph (or rice paper or paper kite) and Julia (after my youngest)

Zebra longwing

My article in MUSE should be out soon. It's in April's "poison" issue.