Thursday, February 25, 2016

A coyote having a bad hair day
An interesting discussion about how to define nonfiction can be found here.  The Library of Congress sometimes finds it challenging to determine whether a book is fiction or nonfiction and gathers input from the author and the publisher (scroll down to "Determining a book's literary form" #2) . To me, that clearly means that the line between fiction and nonfiction has been blurred with the publication of new types of books. The cataloguing system (and the Library of Congress) haven't evolved to handle these new formats. (My systems background came in handy when I was trying to see the big picture)
on the run

My article in MUSE was published in January. In April, I expect another article I wrote to be published in that magazine. In June, a third article should appear in Highlights.   
A coyote track looks like a dog print and it's as long as my index finger.

Last week a coyote sneaked across my backyard. Thankfully, the camera was close by and I was quick enough to get the shot. I tracked it through the neighbor's backyard and learned it crossed the street. Then I tracked it in the other direction and noticed the animal followed the trail in the woods. At this point, I was trekking through snow in the pouring rain without rain gear, so I called it quits.
The coyote left a single line of tracks as it headed across the street.