Thursday, August 6, 2015

juvenile red-tailed hawk
When you're conjuring up a world of your own, or if you've been in an environment, it is much easier and faster to write a scene. Often times, I write about places I've never been. I watch and listen to videos. I read about the location. I step into that world in my mind. These things take time. Add to that the time it takes to review the finished work and the time it takes to have the scientist review the work and I wonder how I can accomplish anything.

If all goes according to the plans, one story of mine will be published in mid-September under a Creative Commons License. I plan to extend the reach of that important material by having it reprinted, if possible. In October, my ChemMatters article will, hopefully, see the light of publication.
Downy or hairy woodpecker feathers?

Last week, I heard a series of loud, sharp bird cries that sounded like an alarm call. When I looked outside, I ran for the camera. This huge hawk was perched on the post. I opened the screen to get an unobscured photograph. When the cat stuck her head out the window, the raptor flew away. I found the feathers on the deck. While I was trying to figure out which bird left their polka-dotted parts, I discovered this nifty website to identify feathers.