Wednesday, January 25, 2017

This yellow brain fungus was delicate, like a flower.
I've started 2017 with a flurry of webinars--I registered for five. I like webinars. They're inexpensive ways to learn. They cut down on carbon emissions and offer flexibility. If the time doesn't work for me, I'll get a link to the recording and listen later at a more convenient time. Often, participants get the opportunity to ask questions, but admittedly, I never have. At a recent webinar, I was pleasantly surprised to discover I got the opportunity to submit!

The remains of an old quarry reminded me of Greek architecture (purple trail).
On the science front, I went to a Science on Screen documentary that was fascinating. The event had sold out, but a generous man gave me a free ticket and he wouldn't take any money! At that price, I'm planning to go again next month (laughs). I also want to see Elizabeth Kolbert at UConn in early February. I used to drive to campus to see the Teale lectures, but now I watch most of those at home (except for Kolbert's).

There's a guy in a white shirt a little more than halfway up this trap rock ridge.
I took these photographs at Sleeping Giant State Park in Hamden, Connecticut. In the past, I've taken the easy crushed gravel path to the tower. This time, we climbed up and down ridges via the blue trail, which is rated difficult. The recent rain made some rocks slick. The dog had trouble in spots, so we had to help her up some of the steeper sections. On the way back we took the easier purple trail, which was fairly level.

The blue trail took us atop the ridge to the giant's head.