Monday, March 31, 2014

The Laurel Marsh Trail, Manchester

To the right, is a boardwalk across the marsh.
On Wednesday, I'm going to the National Science Teacher's Association Conference at the Boston Convention and Exhibit Center.  I was surprised and delighted that I would be allowed to sit in on the Professional Development Institute about the Next Generation Science Standards!  After the conference, I plan to stop in Randolph MA to hear Carla Killough McClafferty speak about using fiction techniques to write nonfiction.  It's going to be a long day.

I'm working very hard trying to get two things ready for a critique mailing tomorrow, so I'm going to relish an out-of-state break.
I thought the trail ended here, but it veered left in front of this sign.
As the snow was melting, I thought I'd squeeze in one more snowshoe adventure.  The Laurel Marsh Trail was a challenge on snowshoes.  The trail goes under the highway four times and the snow turns to gravel beneath those bridges.  I didn't want to keep taking my showshoes on and off, so I tried to tiptoe across the gravel and surely wore down and scraped up my footwear.

The pines make a great blind to observe marsh wildlife.
The boardwalk goes right into the marsh, which makes it a great place to observe birds and wildlife.  However, both times on the trail, I left thinking it needed to be marked better.  When I saw the orange no admittance sign, I had to stop a car and ask the driver where the trail went.  I want to go back some time during the spring to walk the boardwalks, listen to the birds and absorb nature without snowshoes on my feet.   
This tree fort seemed so out of place with no homes nearby.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Valley Falls Park, Vernon

I LOVE this shot of Valley Falls
I am now at the point where I regret having started one project of mine.  It has given me so much grief for so long.  Recently the Nit-Picky Brigade had a field day with it.  This one could be the death of me.  I expect  my gravestone will read, 

She died trying 

One more shot and that's it.
beneath the snow-covered trees
Last night my subconscious cheered me up in a dream.  I got a brand new magazine from the folks at Highlights.  Currently they publish Highlights for Children, High Five and Hello, all wholesome magazines.  In my dream, their new magazine was called Spanking.  Laughs hysterically.
These photos were taken while snowshoeing at Valley Falls Park in Vernon.   If you click on the link and take a look at the photographs, one is of wooden stairs.  I climbed those with snowshoes on my feet.