Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Have you ever tried to take a picture and have someone step right in your way as you're ready to hit the button? That happened to me at the New England Aquarium. I clicked the shutter to take a photograph of Kathleen, the anaconda, as a woman stepped in front of me. I turned thinking forget this photo and because of the momentary shutter delay ended up with this really decent unintentional photograph of the turtle. Amazing!

I've finally interviewed the scientist for the article I'm writing for ChemMatters. Thank you Earle! I have to transcribe that interview and add the quotes. I've also been adjusting and improving some wording in that article that seemed perfectly fine the last time I looked at it, but not so clear as of late. I'm realizing that letting a piece of writing sit for a few weeks or even months is a really helpful thing to do. I've been viewing the painting with a microscope and now I feel I've stepped back to look at the whole composition.

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