Saturday, February 11, 2012

One day this past week I holed up in an upstairs bedroom and shut the door.  Aside from the cat pushing her way in then jumping on my lap a few times, it was a place of solitude and little disruption.  I was away from the lure of the computer and other tasks, so I got lots done.  It was a great idea, but only when the room is unoccupied.

The picture book I've been busting stones on revising and revising is done and has been shipped off for evaluation.  This project that spent the night in the scrap bin, has come a long way.  In my mind, I hit the bulls-eye of creating exactly what I wanted to create.  That gives me quite a bit of satisfaction.  I looked at that project with three sets of eyes:  reader, editor, and illustrator.  I wanted to make sure it didn't drag anywhere, that a young kid stayed with it.  There had to be enough science.  Was there enough material for a variety of engaging pictures?  I found one spot that I thought might be dull as far as illustration goes, but I have come up with an exciting way to portray those facts.  Thus I'm now recording design notes for this project. 

Since I'm working on five things right now, I thought it was a good idea to create a small Project Status notebook to keep track of where I am with all of these because I'm constantly moving from project to project for a variety of reasons--edits to be made, ILL books coming due, requirements for conferences.....

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