Sunday, November 25, 2012

I was dismayed that not one person mentioned reading my editorial, so I did a poll to find out why.   Was the word "climate change" in the title a turn off?  Not really.  Apparently the editorial's placement in Sunday's paper was less than desirable.  Most people skipped that section.  That left me less than satisfied.

Today I sent the heart of the matter to the heart of the problem.  At a little over four pages, the email was long.  The length was necessary to explain the science in a way that any reader could understand.

If that produces no results, I will conclude that some folks are not representing this entire country.

A couple of posts ago I mentioned the arboretum at Dinosaur State Park in Rocky Hill.  These photographs were taken there.  Sunshine made the apricot (in autumn) leaves of the weeping katsura glow.  While I was waiting for plaster to dry in the casting area, I noticed this monstrous leaf dwarfing a standard oak leaf.  The woman said it was an elephant magnolia, but online I couldn't find any evidence that such a magnolia exists.  Could it be a southern magnolia? 

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