Friday, January 10, 2014

Sun dog --> woof woof!
The first of the year is always a busy writing time.  This year is no different.  Things have been flying in all directions.  I wrote a little blurb for the local paper.  They put someones opinion right on the front page.  The writer thought it was absolutely hysterical about the ship getting caught in Antarctic ice--which happens all the time.  It was mocking the whole subject of climate change.  Ignorance is bliss.
While my brother was driving, he pointed out this sun dog in the sky.  I didn't think the photograph was that impressive, so I wasn't planning to post it.  Yesterday, I noticed an Emory University blog post about sun dogs and changed my mind.

"Sun dogs are atmospheric phenomenon caused by the refraction of light from hexagonal ice crystals, called diamond dust, that drift in the air at low levels. They may appear as a colored patch of light on one side of the sun, and can also include a luminous halo or arc."

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