Thursday, September 24, 2015

Wriggling Out of the Fishmeal Crisis

My blog post for Johns Hopkins Center for a Livable Future is now live. Since it was published with a Creative Commons License, I can publish some of it here.

Water laps gently against the canoe as Felix paddles across Lake Volta. Once he reaches the floating cages, he scoops some pellets that look like typical fish food and sprinkles them over the water. Hungry tilapias dart to the top. They gobble the beads in such a frenzy the surface of the water erupts like a fountain. Read more

When this swallowtail landed on my verbena plant, it was so intent on drinking nectar that it didn't seem to notice I was creeping closer with the camera.
One of its delicate wings was badly damaged.
It fluttered on the flowers as if it was thoroughly enjoying its meal.
I wondered how much longer it would live.
 When the cat swiped at it and missed, it flitted away.

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