Thursday, August 18, 2016

Lights, Camera, Action!

The set
Earlier this month, I took a "Learn to Film" class at the Community Voice Channel. The class was free and a lot of fun. During each mock interview session, we rotated jobs. At times I handled audio, which involved selecting music and muting and unmuting microphones. Other times, I prepared graphics (title of the show, host/guest names, credits) or I worked at the control board, switching camera views. I also got to be floor manager, design the set, and set up the cameras and microphones.

The control room: audio, control board, and graphics
A director and producer came in for the last class and ran the interview with Cold Creek Brewery.  During that interview, I worked the control board. I also helped design the set, which included
my beer stein from Germany.
The director said, "I don't know about that green glass head. It's distracting."
I said, "That's mine. I thought it was hysterical."
She let it stay.
Cameras were focused on the host, guest, and the scene.

graphics for a mock interview

I'm at the control board for this live interview.
All participants of the class are allowed to use the control room, lighting, and cameras free of charge. There is also a field class that I plan to sign up for. You can take a smaller camera out into the field to do filming. The class also covers editing. I consider this another tool in my toolbox.

Set crew and the folks at Cold Creek Brewery

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