Monday, August 24, 2009

Day Miserables:
After running 4 miles, I locked the keys in the car at the gas station and had to hike 2 miles home--all uphill of course. Apparently, it is too much effort to pick up a phone at home. There were 2 people home. Then I took my niece on a hike to a waterfall. Well, little did I realize that every trail was the blue trail and mosquitoes were starving. There's not much grosser then a dead body on your arm and your own blood to go along with it. Thought I'd salvage the day and go for ice cream only to find the ice cream wasn't available for another 4 hours. This, of course, was after I'd run over the glass milk bottle in the parking lot. Agggghghhhh. Needless to say it is a zero accomplishment day for me.


  1. I've had days like that! I call them weekdays!

  2. Rich,
    At least my tires survived the trauma and don't appear to be suffering any glass related malady. Phew! We never did find the waterfall we were hiking to. But the mosquitoes had no problem finding us--even without trail markings! I sure hope your weekdays aren't like that given that there are FIVE per week.