Tuesday, April 6, 2010


The hyacinths are in full bloom and tomorrow one is getting the ax, vase-bound.

I really pushed it today and now the word-count is up to 1200 words. But it's still short of the 2,000 I need. I've got to keep working at a torrid pace until it's all down. Then I'm probably going to collapse.

This week I noticed my article about honeybees has been published online. I had some really great editorial response to that article from several different editors. While adding it to my writing resume I wondered how the list of clips got so long. It seems like yesterday I was struggling for things to put on that resume. How fast the time burns away.


  1. That's a very neat article, Linda. I never knew bees communicated by "dancing." That's so interesting!

  2. Isn't that fascinating stuff? What really amazes me is that von Frisch figured all this out.