Sunday, June 20, 2010

Yesterday, I traveled to the Yale Art Gallery in New Haven to hear Elizabeth Kolbert speak about the climate. Although I brought my camera, they didn't allow photographs. I was very interested to read the blurb about the panelists. I was also surprised to learn she graduated from Yale.

Since climate change is a complex issue, I wondered how she would present the material and what material she would cover. Her presentation involved powerpoint slides of numerous graphs, many were familiar. It wasn't the most exciting stuff, but it sure got the point across even if it was bleak. Unfortunately, I did not put enough coins in the parking meter and had to check out early missing about 20 minutes of questions and answers.

Afterward, I drove to Guilford and took the photograph while there.

This morning I finally came up with a good ending for my article that circles back to the beginning and makes some final points. The paragraph is in good shape, but still needs some polish. In anther project, I've got outline issues to mend.

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