Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I've been hot on the research trail of another scientist who uses cutting edge technology. The more information I find, the more interesting it gets. This evening I found a video that would be perfect for high school students. It's captivating and funny too. I can't recall ever finding a humorous video that I used as a source (at the bottom of the article) for students seeking more information.

I'm hoping to do my first public presentation in celebration of Earth Day in April. Since Earth Day inconveniently lands on Good Friday, that is not the date I've picked. More on that when and if my form gets approved.

Yesterday, I was delighted to get a check from Highlights for the resale of an article (actually it was a game) to another organization. It amounted to getting paid, but putting in no new effort. I am liking that!


  1. It's fun to read posts with pictures of critters in them. Best of luck with your project.

  2. Thanks Sun Singer. Yes, I definitely think photographs enhance all blogs. Good luck with your projects too.