Thursday, March 17, 2011

Tackling a new topic reminds me of picking up a rock and turning it in all directions to try and find the most interesting angle. The subject I'm working on now is a lot simpler than the last one I did. I don't need all the upfront explanation (or so I think). It's due in four days, so I really need to get moving on it.

Speaking of rocks, earlier this week, I slipped away to Newport RI for a few fun days with friends. These two photographs of the rocky shore were taken on the Cliff Walk. The top photograph of Emily, I named Buddha on the Rocks. I made her nervous in the bottom photograph.


  1. I LOVE Newport! My husband and I met in Providence, RI (at RISD), and would spend romantic days walking together on the Cliff Walk. So many fond memories.

  2. I love Newport too--The Cliff Walk, the Adirondack chairs at Castle Hill with stunning views and Flo's for clams! We had an awesome memorable girls week. RISD is a great art school. I don't know when you graduated, but I really like Waterfire in Providence too.