Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Last week, I had additional things on my task list.  As if holiday shopping and five projects were not enough, I took care of a preteen and a cat all week.   Surprisingly, I got a lot done.  Since it saved time and gas, I ended up spending the week in another house and the time there was more like a writing retreat.  I didn't do much in the way of cooking and realized that cooking related tasks chew up a lot of time.  For some unknown reason, I was able to use the internet, but I couldn't email out, so I didn't spend any time writing emails (except the one day I went to the library).   I wrote an article and made some sizable revisions to another.

On Thursday, I spoke out at an Inland Wetlands meeting.  They probably don't hear this too often, but I brought up climate change and its impact on songbirds.  
 Potential effects of climate change on birds of the Northeast
 Projected Impacts of Climate and Land-Use Change on the Global Diversity of Birds
Northeast Climate Impacts Assessment
 2010 State of the Birds
Some birds have shifted their range northward (Audubon)
In this time, when the climate is changing and carbon dioxide and temperature are rising, why do we allow proposals that hack into water resources like wetlands?  

I got a new tripod about two months ago that I used to photograph the cardinals on the back deck.  It's lightweight and portable and should easily fit in my backpack.

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