Monday, January 2, 2012

Bigelow Hollow State Park - Union - part 1

Since I prefer to write outside, I think this research study on whether bird song has an impact on mood, behavior and creativity is interesting.  It got me thinking.  I have to have a sense of peace when I write.  That peace can come from singing birds, babbling brooks, crashing surf or no noise at all.  Chirping birds won't do it for me if I'm in an environment where I do not feel safe or if I am in a busy place, such as a city.  It will be interesting to read the results of this study.

This past Friday I hiked out of state while circling Breakneck Pond in Bigelow Hollow State Park.  Beaver activity was obvious, but when I scanned the pond, I couldn't find a beaver lodge or a beaver dam.  On the return trip, the trail was pretty water soaked.  In several areas, water rushed across it forming a wide stream that seemed impassable.  It was challenging and slow moving trying to navigate the best way across these spots.  To get by them, I piled stones and logs into the water, teetered on logs, and swung on a mountain laurel branch.  At one wide water logged point, I gingerly stepped across a beaver dam (2nd photo), squishing and crunching on grass covered sticks.  Since I have never stepped on a beaver dam, I had no way of knowing if my feet were going to end up in water that looked pretty deep.  Once I got across the water, I had to push my way through heavy brush.  It was clear that the beavers gnaw trees on one side of the pond and swim across it to construct their piles.  There were a lot of challenges getting around "Breakneck" Pond.

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