Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Today, it came to my attention that I incorrectly assigned the wrong date to one of my quotes.   Gasp!  The fourth quote down about writing being like building a snowman was actually from a 2/24/09 post (scroll down to find it) not a 3/06/09 post.  That February post originated from a homemade holiday card I sent to an editor (12/08).  IMHO, it was hysterical.  The cover of the card had a snowman in disarray.  Inside I wrote, "like everything else I send you, this is going to need a little adjustment."  I can't believe I still remember that!  Then I wrote this simile in the card, only more eloquently than I did on this website in February.  I know it sounds mundane, but I felt compelled to set the record straight on this and to do it today.

Currently, I'm debating about attending the NESCBWI conference and if so, on what days?  It's a lot closer this year.  I'd better make up my mind soon because it fills up fast.

Regarding my "most edited" article, I'm eagerly looking forward to its publication and I'm quite appreciative of all the time the editor spent working with me on it.

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