Saturday, June 9, 2012

Today I went to Rhode Island to attend a SCBWI P.A.L (published and listed) roundtable discussion.  Most of those in attendance were authors.  I must admit when I received the handwritten invitation I thought, clearly there must be some mistake.  Clearly.  Clearly, I was wrong.  It was nice to be included  with a group that I don't yet feel I belong in.  Melissa Stewart led the discussion about how SCBWI can better serve its published members.

It's funny how things have been moving and progressing.  First I recycled the scraps of an article and turned those into a short piece.  I saw more potential in it, so it's getting transformed into a picture book.  Although I wasn't done, I shipped it off to Critique Land.  Now, I'm barreling ahead to meet a deadline on something else that I'm a little apprehensive about--but of course I'm not letting that stop me. 

These beautiful and interesting annuals are gazanias.  At night, they curl up their petals.  By morning, the spikes unfold into stunning orange stars.   Brilliant blue lobelia is behind the gazania and a rhododendron bush is in the background.

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