Sunday, June 17, 2012

Walt and I are gearing up to deliver a much needed car to California, then we're flying back.  I'm hoping to slip in some research trips along the way.   It would also be nice to stumble upon some new stories while visiting National Parks across the country.  If all goes well it will be a trip that includes  research, hiking, nature and adventure.

My writing friends thought my ever changing piece that started as scraps--> article --> picture book is working!  It was SO nice to meet on a picnic table out by the pond in town.  We gazed in wonder as a blue heron flapped its wings over the water.

I thought these photos of a bee and rhododendron worked perfectly after getting stung--more like punched in the gut with the wind knocked out of me.  Not all rejections from editors feel that way, but this one did.  It is a fine time to hop in a car and go hike a mountain or twenty.  When I come back, The Revisions will be waiting for me and hopefully, absence will make the heart grow fonder.

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