Thursday, October 25, 2012

Dinosaur State Park - Rocky Hill, Connecticut

The big news this week is that two people nominated me for a membership in the American Chemical Society.  I am quite flattered, considering I do not have a chemistry degree like most members.  I will pursue this because it's an opportunity.  It looks good on the resume and the publications/resources will likely be helpful.        

One night this past week, I dreamed that I came to the realization that breaking into "The Club" was simply not possible.  My subconscious had thrown in the towel.  Terrific.  Perhaps deep down, my recent efforts to diversify were interpreted as moving away from the goal.  This reminded me of some lunchtime SCBWI chatter.  Someone brought up the definition of success.  Each of us had our own interpretation.  Someone said if you aren't meeting your goal, make a new goal.  I thought about those words.

What is my goal?  Is it to publish a book, educate children (and adults!) about climate change, break into new markets or something else?  It's all of those.  I have many, many goals, perhaps too many.     

How cool is that!

About a week ago, I brought a bucket filled with supplies to the casting area at Dinosaur State Park in Rocky Hill.   I made a cast using an actual 200-million-year-old dilophosaurus print.  It took a while for my cast to set, but I was delighted when I lifted it off the rock.  Once it was dry, I lugged all that stuff back to the car.  It was pretty heavy.  Next time, I'll post some photos of a couple of interesting plants in the arboretum.

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