Friday, December 21, 2012

In mid-February I'll be spending a few days at the American Association for the Advancement of Science conference.  I got a press pass, which means I get in for free.  I also booked a room in Boston.  It's an opportunity to learn more about current science research and check out a conference that I've never been to.

I also joined the American Chemical Society.   I'll give it a try for a year and see how it goes.

There is also a nonfiction conference that has spurred my interest.  Once again, it's within driving distance.

21st Century Children's Nonfiction Publishing Conference, June 14–16, 2013.
State University of New York ~ New Paltz

I received an email from the Highlights Foundation about their great selection of writing workshops for 2013.

Last Sunday, with a seriously hurting back, I supervised a kids' craft session at the arts center.  Although it was exceptionally painful to get out of bed and to get into the car, I am so glad I went.  It was a diversion from the pain and also from the sadness at Sandy Hook.  The kids had such a great time that they kept coming to the table to decorate another snowflake.  The kids enjoyed it so much that I ended up making 40 more snowflakes and sending them to the siblings of the Newtown tragedy on behalf of the arts center.  I wrote the card out to the kids and included two bags of Hershey's Hugs.  It was a small act of kindness for a heartbroken town.

The sunset shot was taken as I drove by the Major Michael Donnelly Preserve in South Windsor.  I was following a friend while glancing leftward at the pink and purple sky.  Impulsively, I pulled in the lot. 

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