Sunday, February 24, 2013

At last night's farewell party, we lit off sky lanterns

This past week, I spent four days in Texas at a line writing research event.  In teams, we devised line items that made a test taker question and think critically about a passage.  These kind of questions are the most challenging to create and consequently, the testing company receives less of this type than any other.  In two days, working with one passage, our small team crafted ten line items and eight were of the most challenging variety.  The team included the passage writer who had in depth understanding of the passage, an experienced line writer and a person from the testing company who recorded and helped phrase our questions.  I was helpful cranking out ideas for line items.  With the help of the team, we turned some of them into questions rather quickly.  Adding these kinds of questions will make the test harder and longer to complete, so I'm not sure how they will compensate for that.

Two weeks ago, I spiced up the "about me" section of this blog by including some old slides and a couple of report cards from the past.  In the future, I'll be adding links to interviews. 

I'm happy to report that we finally have a new camera!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   

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