Saturday, February 9, 2013

Breaking trail snowshoeing is exhausting when you're sinking knee-deep in the snow
February is turning out to be an über-busy month.  There is so much I want to accomplish, plus an AAAS conference, a trip to Texas and two parties that I'm planning (one has already happened and it was a grand success!).  Currently, I'm writing and doing research.

Julia burrowed a long tunnel through the snow

I booked two nights in Boston for the AAAS conference, but last week I canceled the reservations.  An unexpected writing related trip to Texas popped up that I couldn't refuse.  From Boston to Austin in the blink of an eye seemed a bit much.  Now I'm getting up early and traveling to the AAAS conference for one day.  I was disappointed not to make the evening social event at the Prudential Tower, not so much for the people, but more so because I would miss seeing the lights of Boston.  I came up with a fine solution, I'll truck up that tower before I get on the subway and head home. 
The blizzard of 2013 dumped 27-31" of snow


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