Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Belden Wildlife Preserve

This "cardinal" was upside down on the branch, so I thought it was dead.  Instead, it was fake. 
All week long ideas have been forming, evolving and changing as I prepare a booth for the Earth Day Festival in Hartford on April 21st.  I want to share information that is not well understood, but important in understanding climate science.  The booth has got to be fun and the facts easy to digest, all of this while not breaking the budget.  It also has to withstand wind and preparations must be made in case of rain (I will borrow an open tent).  Adding to this is the uncertainty of the number of attendees.

All that is left of the cabin in the woods
These photos were taken while snowshoeing at Belding Wildlife Preserve.   There were little surprises in the woods:  a tree with a big red bow at the top, the red "cardinal", a wreath on a lone chimney.  In the spring a beautiful field of wildflowers blossoms at the start of the trail.  Some of the trees and historical areas are marked.  Here is a list of birds at the site.

Carolyn, a trail running friend
One time when I was hiking there with Walt and my brother, a man approached us and asked if anyone was named Walter.  He handed Walt his license which he'd unknowingly dropped somewhere by the wildflower field, over a mile away.  It was such luck to a) find the license and b) find us in the woods. 

Pitch pine
Site of an old dam

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