Friday, May 23, 2014

Upper Bolton Lake, Vernon

A nest!
Yesterday, I had a Twitter exchange that is a classic example of how the denier camp (those that deny that humans are responsible for climate change) works.  First, notice that my wording is altered ever so slightly.   Secondly, he calls me an alarmist after he's changed my wording.  Finally, he rips apart the scientists by calling their work bull.  This is so typical of what I have seen.  Another thing I've noticed is that no matter how many research papers you may produce, they will pick them all apart, but they don't produce a single shred of their own evidence. 

My Tweet:
Up the CO2. Down goes zinc & iron. Less healthy food MAY be on its way.

Claim: As CO2 levels rise, some crop nutrients will fall

The soft colors, arched neck and glassy lake looked like a painting to me. 
Me:    Don't change my wording
Me:    I wrote MAY fall not WILL.
Him:   This is just alarmist
Me:    No, it's the results of a research study on what happens to crops when CO2 levels are raised.
Him:   Cereals have never been a major source od dietary iron. That’s why you’re supposed to eat your spinach.
Me:    I love spinach and salmon too and I don't care much for cereal.
Him:   There is an alleged slight drop in some minerals! #OMG
Him:   It is BULL SHIT
Me:   You have a foul mouth.

Knock, knock Mr. Beaver.
Some friends of mine are so kind, they invited me to go kayaking with them.  The day they picked started out pretty rainy, so I wore my fleece pants and Walt's hat.  It turns out the hat was waterproof.  Yes!  Anyhow, despite the gloomy day, I had the best time exploring Upper Bolton Lake.  We discovered several nests and a beaver lodge.  I maneuvered right up to that lodge entrance and peeked inside.  I wish I had a flashlight. 
Bird houses were attached to a number of trees.
It was a lot of fun paddling hard to bust through a beaver dam.  I got stuck and had to back up and try again several times.  In the distance there was a rare Atlantic white cedar forest.  When I got out of the kayak, I was pretty soaked, but it sure was fun. (Photos courtesy of Steve T) 

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