Sunday, June 8, 2014

Elizabeth Park, Hartford/West Hartford

great blue heron
I wrote a short editorial about climate change that was published on May 27th.  It led to a weeklong  email exchange with my "fans."  Lol.   I really appreciated that not once did the subject of politics or Al Gore enter the conversation.   Those that I exchanged emails with were highly educated in physics, chemistry and meteorology.  Although they were skilled in their fields, no one was a climate scientist.  Another "fan" sent me Jehovah Witness pamphlets and a note. Yep, quite the week.
male mallard duck

Ninety-seven percent (actually 97.1%) of climate scientists believe burning fossil fuels is causing climate change. They believe we need to cut our carbon emissions to stop the climate from warning.  The sooner we take action, the better.
IF THEY'RE WRONG We will have reduced carbon in the air and invested in wind and solar technologies.


Those that believe the climate is changing from natural causes, think the warming won't continue.  They think the oceans will cool and CO2 will drop all by itself. 
We will have lost valuable time to reverse spiraling CO2.


On the outskirts of the city, we stopped at Elizabeth Park to see roses.  For the most part, the yellow ones were the only ones in bloom.  In less than ten minutes time, we spotted the great blue heron at the pond, perched like a statue.  It waited there for a long, long time.  I was thrilled to be so close. As I watched the heron, the mallards coasted by.  I could see fish in the water and thought for certain the heron would try and nab one, but it remained silent and still.
great blue heron

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