Thursday, March 4, 2010

Case Mountain, Manchester

I'm posting some photographs of another hike at Case Mountain in Manchester CT. I would love to post a hiking map of the place because the online map I brought was the worst map I've ever used plus they were out of trail maps at the trailhead. At the trail, I took a photograph of the large map, but I've been advised that this map is likely under copyright so, it is unfortunately, not mine to post. To give you an idea why you need a hiking map, the route we took was: white trail --> pink --> gray/white --> yellow/red --> yellow/blue --> red --> blue --> yellow --> yellow/blue --> blue --> white. But at some point we missed the yellow trail.

We are very lucky we aren't still wandering around those woods.

The outline that I've been struggling to complete is almost done. But I am so overwhelmed right now it's a big struggle to accomplish anything.


  1. Great pictures. It's scary when maps aren't accurate, especially when you're in the woods with bears and mountain lions. Good luck finishing your outline, Linda!

  2. Actually, the problem was not really inaccuracy, but unreadability. The trail colors were fine but the number markers were not readable. This online photograph of the map was taken through a hatched metal screen enhancing the disaster.

    No mountain lions around these parts and I've never seen a bear in the woods either--although black bears are in CT. Much more dangers out your way. Rena, you must hike with mace or be pretty fast on your feet!

  3. Yeah, we carry "bear spray" which is basically a form of pepper spray. It works pretty good, or so I've heard, though I've never had to use it. A friend of ours just hit a mountain lion with his car driving to work a few weeks ago. :( He felt really bad.

  4. Oh. That is sad about the mountain lion. They are pretty big and probably did some damage to his car too. The thought of that large body in the road is....uh...not pleasant. Are bear spray, mace and pepper spray the same thing? I remember buying these grizzly bells when I was out in Montana, but I really wanted to see one not scare it away. Never did. But we saw plenty of them in AK instead.