Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Recently, I bought some neat little solar lights shaped like rocks. I'm amazed that they're still shining despite the gray skies, clouds and torrential rains of the past three days. The night photograph that looks like two headlights (the rocks) was taken this evening. I'm pretty impressed.

Also, Google has a new energy saving search called Blackle. I set my home page to a Blackle search instead of a Google search. Every little bit helps.

I now have a deadline of 4/14 to finish a first draft. Ut oh. I think I'll be living in the library hiding from phone and emails. Today, I was at the library rethinking the article. This evening I spent quite a bit of time researching details that will surface in the first paragraph. I've got to really pour on the steam and get moving on this article.

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