Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Yesterday, I was fortunate enough to have a good chunk of time to spend outside in 68 degree weather in my favorite spot right on my deck. I love the wide arms of this chair for holding all my books and papers and it's roomy enough for furry little friends seeking attention. It is here that I seek the sunshine and get lost in another time and place.

Scientists love to draw pictures in the form of graphs that represent their hours of research and collected data. A current graph of me would show peaks of stress, frustration, resentment, sadness and empathy. Hence the need for Adirondack therapy. The outline is finally done, but I'm still reading a chapter and pulling out little details. I find this such an interesting topic.


  1. Oh boy, am I really gunning for some Adirondack therapy myself! It's been raining here in MN all week, and while it's melting the snow, I need some sunshine ASAP.

  2. Here's hoping we both get some sunshine!