Saturday, May 1, 2010


I took this photograph of a tiger swallowtail butterfly today. I'm quite pleased I captured it with its wings wide open.

Outside on the arms of my Adirondack chair, I placed my notes, research papers, a book, blank paper, a pen, and a glass of iced tea. Then I sat down and fell asleep.

I did spend some time reviewing videos and reading descriptions of the place I'm writing about for the chemistry article I'm currently working on. After reviewing what to include in these kind of speeches, I wrote up a short speech for that PEN award presentation later this month. I have a pretty good idea of what I'm going to say, but it still needs work. I also made sure to find the correct pronunciation for a couple of words in the chapter I'll be reading. The two things I need to have are confidence and practice memorizing it. But if I have trouble finding the keys half the time.......Ut oh.

I found out the ampitheatre at Leslie University has 175 seats. Since I envisioned this gigantic room, that was a bit of a relief. Then I wasted some time trying to figure out the layout. My best guess is 17 rows of 10 with 5 seats for the handicapped (merely a guess). I sure hope the video equipment is off.

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