Monday, May 24, 2010

Last night was certainly memorable at the PEN Discovery Award presentation. The good news is that I'm glad I remembered everything I wanted to say. I think I fielded more questions than anyone else and answered them the best I could. I learned the hard way that a back-up plan is necessary in case things don't go as expected. I read in Melanie's public speaking book that you don't want to hang onto the podium like you're driving an out of control vehicle. I looked down and AGGGHHHH! The hands were at the corner of the podium. Immediately I let go like they were on fire.

It was great to meet some very distinguished writers from the PEN Children's Book Caucus (or is it Committee?) who were all very nice and supportive. It was also an opportunity to congratulate Heather Jessen (in the middle) who I've exchanged emails with and Bette Anne Rieth (on the right) who I contacted through Facebook. I wished them both the best of luck with their works.

The ampitheatre was not a daunting auditorium that you might find at a large college, but more like a lecture room where roughly six rows of seats curved around and were close to the podium. Large AV screens hung from the ceiling. My mother brought me those beautiful flowers which are now on my kitchen table. That was a really nice touch.

Saturday, I worked all day on the article and detangled the bottom half. Walt wanted to go to a nursery to buy flowers, but I was disciplined and kept at it. I knew if I trotted off I would likely not pick it up again.

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