Sunday, July 11, 2010

Daylillies, petunias, lobelia....

I finally put new batteries in the camera so the website should look a little brighter again. The potted flowers are on my deck. I spend a lot of time reading and revising out there.

I've been really driven to complete some sidebars and revamp an outline. Currently, three of four sidebars are complete, but not perfect. I set a deadline to have all these chapter changes polished by my next crit group email date which should be three weeks from this Wed. Then the following week we give each other a round of tough love. I also decided to join Toastmasters to become more comfortable at speaking and better equipped to answer questions on the fly. The first meeting I was the timer and I got an easy subject to talk about, what I did on the Fourth of July--beach party! I think it's going to be real helpful.

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