Saturday, July 17, 2010

I met with my writing friends two days ago. We're a colorful group. We reviewed each others work using different colored pens. There were scribbles in red, green, and cerulean blue (that would be me) . Since then I've made some minor changes to my chemistry article and now the only thing left to do is add the last group of quotes from a busy highly-respected scientist so I'm waiting patiently on those.

During that writer's meeting, we set a new email date for finished work of August 11th. That date now becomes my tight deadline to get all these changes done and verified and 4 sidebars written. One sidebar is not down on paper yet. The main reason for this is I've been tossing around what I want in it, where it will take place and how it will start. It's a choice between a highly significant field expedition or a recent more technologically advanced field expedition (that may or may not end up being significant) . I think I'm going to place it in the more recent trip, but incorporate both.

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