Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I was really heartened to read that "Science Takes Spotlight in the State of the Union Address" in Scientific American. About time!

I've set a goal of month's end to finish a first draft. After that, I'm refocusing on the presentation. I need to practice. Today I came up with a catchy little kid-oriented name, something that sounds more fun than "climate change presentation." My latest thinking is that I will start with the town library. What I really need more than anything else is to set a date of when this is happening otherwise, I'll keep making writing the priority.

At our critique group meeting we only had time to review one thing due to snow, a late school opening and a new driver I preferred to drive safely in. We are reconvening early next week to finish and hopefully snow won't block our way this time. My article will be reviewed next week, but in my head I'm already thinking I'm stripping out a paragraph or two.

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