Thursday, June 16, 2011

Now that my article has been emailed, I've set a new goal and given myself a new deadline. I want/need to complete a trifold brochure by Monday night. There is a committee meeting next week and this brochure is coming with me. The thing that might hold me up is the photographs, but I'll get it done. I will.

Now for last post's question, "why is this article that I emailed important to me?" I consider everything I write to be a stepping stone, one notch further than the prior piece. I have high aspirations for this one.

I love the vivid blue color of a mound of lobelia. Yellow flowers are a dime a dozen. Dandelions are yellow, buttercups are yellow, black-eyed Susan's are yellow, but blue is not so common in the wild, at least not around here.

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