Friday, June 3, 2011

Thankfully, the internet technician finally arrived and was able to pinpoint the problem. He suggested we do a test to see if the problem was inside or outside the house:

He suggested we connect a long phone cord out the window or door from the computer directly to the jack-in-the-box (phone box) on the side of the house, thus bypassing the inside lines. Who knew there was a phone jack in that box? Anyhow, full signal outside. + awful signal inside = inside problem. To circumvent the problem, two jacks (out of three) are not being used. The computer is now humming along with great response times (HALLELUJAH!!!!), but the casualty is that I record interviews using the jack upstairs. I've lost that ability. Deep sigh. This problem needs to be addressed.

I sent ten pages to my critique group, so there was no room to include that fun little fiction piece. Next time. We meet early next week. I finished reading the book on writing which had some good advice on revising and made me feel right at home. Now, I'm reading two science books that make me think a shredder went off.

Today, the search website BING features the Montgolfier brothers and the first balloon ride. I thought I'd post my photograph from the National Air and Space Museum.

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