Wednesday, July 6, 2011

I'm hoping my suitcase can pack itself, so I can collapse inside it. It's been a busy couple of weeks shuttling to the hospital, painting the house and struggling to accomplish something. As a science writer I'm always asking questions. My mother has told me more than once that I ask too many. I shoot them out like gunfire. Yesterday I asked what a dense stroke was. You know, my mother was right.

Yesterday I met with my writing friends for 3 1/2 hours. We meet at an eating area of a grocery store. A sparrow (which I named Jack) flew around inside the store and eavesdropped at the next table. I wish I had my camera! My friend suggested a more inventive word in place of "big." The conversation tanked after that. It wasn't long before the guy in the next booth up and left. I am glad they made me laugh. Today, I spent the day poring over crit group suggestions and revising. I still have the last piece and those emails to finish.

More flowers today--day lilies and clematis.

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