Friday, September 2, 2011

This whole week, pulling words out of me was like yanking a knotted skein of yarn. When I was pregnant with twins, knitting was about the only activity I could do during three months of bed rest. I would get up from my three hours of mandatory bed rest and go rake leaves.

Today, it took me all day to come up with 3.5 paragraphs at the start of the article, but they were 3.5 exceptionally good paragraphs. For some reason, I was working backward through the changes this time doing those that came last first. I finished a big chunk of these revisions already. The beginning was saved for the end because it needed a rewrite and I didn't have a clue. Not one clue.

I found this spider's web in the back yard. I was amazed at the spider who traveled from one rhododendron bush to another in a nearly horizontal line (bottom photograph). When I measured the distance, the spider silk stretched over nine feet across! There must have been a strong wind that day. That spider had a long walk home.

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