Sunday, November 20, 2011

I finally conquered the supply lists for my hands-on science classes in February. That took more time than I anticipated. It didn't help that I had some very specific brands in mind. When I couldn't find one product, it took me a while to find a suitable substitute. I know there is a big emphasis on teaching hands-on inquiry based science, but it's time consuming to put hands-on activities together. In addition to thinking up the activities you have to prepare and purchase materials. The time invested in preparation pays off because the classes are way more fun for kids than sitting through a straight lecture. Retention of the material is higher too.

After nearly a year, I finally received some positive feedback on some magazine work! There are so many things I want to write I've got to pick one and get moving.

Every fall, the crimson leaves of my Japanese Maple glow in the sunshine, but Storm Alfred forced them to do backbends. Note: the truck in the top photo is delivering my new fridge!

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