Saturday, November 5, 2011

Last Saturday, a freak October snowstorm dumped heavy wet snow on gold and orange foliage. Tree limbs ripped. Power lines snapped. By the time the storm was over, one half of Connecticut (sliced diagonally) had lost power.

We got pummeled with thirteen inches of snow. On a street 2/5 of a mile long, the storm severed enough tree limbs to damage eight power lines. On Saturday at 9:15PM our power went out and we've been "camping" ever since.

Despite the challenges, I am forging ahead on three separate projects. Nightly, I read and write via booklight. Wifi at the jam-packed library is slow and often reaches capacity. Yesterday, I was in absolute heaven in a sunny cubicle at a less crowded university library.

I miss a hot shower and the freedom to do research at all hours. I like candle time and viewing the pock-marked moon and the stripes and moons of Jupiter through a telescope without any light pollution at all.

The downed wires in these photographs are all within walking distance. The second photograph is of the line connecting our house and the neighbors to the street. One extremely dangerous oak limb (bottom photograph) is hanging precariously over the spot we normally park one car. If that falls, it could kill someone.

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