Sunday, April 1, 2012

Talcottville Gorge, Vernon - part 1

Recently there's been a lot of studies on how we learn, but this week I wondered what's the best age to learn?  High school students can comprehend much more than younger children, but they may not be so open to new information.  Sometimes they think they know everything.  Elementary students need simpler ideas, but they have more open minds and many years to think about the material.  Middle graders fall somewhere in between.  Some of the subjects I write about are so important I don't want kids to forget them.  Success for me isn't fame, it's making an impact, educating and enlightening.

After spending too much time lamenting PB or middle grade, I finally got started on a new project.  Once the first two paragraphs were down, I decided that I needed a new starting point.  Oh joy!
I am heavily into volunteering at the upcoming NESCBWI conference and I've got over 50 emails to prove it.  I am amazed at how many volunteers are needed at these events.  It was getting crazy with time slots double booked, so I finally put my mind at ease by writing up a spreadsheet detailing my whereabouts for 3 days.  I'm timing, transporting, handling, tallying, registering and stuffing.   Yowzy!         

These photographs were taken at Talcottville Gorge in Vernon  The property was recently donated to the town.  Although it's a short hike, it was quite interesting.  Today, I'm posting photographs of the geography--a cave and waterfall.  Next time, I'll write about the signs of wildlife I encountered.


  1. Wow, you're going to have your hands full on Conference Weekend! I hope we'll still have time to say hi to one another...

  2. Yep! Some of these volunteer efforts are happening prior to the conference -- folder stuffing, Amtrak pick-up. I look forward to meeting you Christina. I'm sure there will be time.