Saturday, April 7, 2012

Talcottville Gorge, Vernon - part 2

Usually, at the end of a conference, there is an open invitation to submit to some or all of the editors that attend, even if it's a closed house.  The invitation to submit comes with a deadline.  I've been molding and shaping something new, hoping to have it ready to send out to a conference editor because I'm not big on wasting opportunities.  The only stones I leave unturned are those I don't find and it irks me when I notice them too late.  BTW, I recently found another opp.  Goin' for it!  (nothing new there)

At Talcottville Gorge, I heard frogs, but could not find the slippery little devils.  They were likely on the opposite side of the stream that was too wide to cross.  Beavers gnawed into quite a few trees.  I'd love a photo of them lugging that big log, but they were hiding too.  Fish made random splashes, making it challenging to capture them with the camera (that's my excuse for the blurry Jaws shot).

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